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Water Pollution Control Technology

The studies of our group include the biological wastewater treatment technology, the wastewater treatment process, sludge and volatile organic pollutants and malodorous substances in biological treatment technology research. We have possessed the technologies for urban sewage treatment, water reuse, towns and villages of decentralized wastewater treatment, industrial wastewater treatment and reuse, odor and VOCs gas purification and treatment, excess sludge of wastewater treatment plants reduction and resource.

Water Pollution Control Technology Group is focusing on research and application of theory and technology on water pollution control and wastewater reuse, innovation and integration for key processes of water quality transformation. Major research areas include biological wastewater treatment technologies, technologies for treating excess activated sludge and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) & odour produced in biological wastewater treatment processes.

Research Interests

● New cost-effective biotechnologies for wastewater treatment.

● Mechanism and new reactor for biological VOC and odour treatment.

● Technologies of sewage sludge treatment and utilization.

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