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Aquatic Toxicology

Aquatic Ecotoxicology Research Group focuses on the ecotoxicology and environmental risk of toxic chemicals in aquatic environment. Its research activities include developing approach for screening dominant risk stressors; toxicity identification, evaluation and monitoring for polluted waters; hazard and risk assessment for contaminants; toxicology and environmental criteria for new chemicals, etc.

Our research group focuses on the ecotoxicological and environmental risk of toxic pollutants in aquatic systems. We are attempting to develop innovative biomietic sampling technology, bioassays (in vivo and in vitro) and biomarkers as well as tools for molecular toxicology. With respect to ecological and health risk assessment, we are involved in many case studies of the environmental safety of drinking water and reclaimed water in addition to the evaluation of different advanced treatment techniques for sewage and wastewater.

Research Interests

●  Development of biomimetic sampling technology to assess pollutant bioavailability;

●  Methods of in vivo bioassays with diverse aquatic organisms based on behavioral, physiological, biochemical (proteomics) and genetic (genomics) endpoints;

●  Methods of in vitro bioassays (biomarkers) based on different toxicological endpoints;

●  Transfer and partition process and forecast modeling of organic pollutants in aquatic multimedia;

●  Environmental safety assessment and early warning technologies in aquatic environment and water treatment process;

●  Ecological and health risk assessment of water pollution.

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