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Prof. Wang Dongsheng invited Editorial Board of WST / WS / WPT

At the invitation of professor Gustaf Olsson, Professor Wang Dongsheng was invited to editorial board of “Water Science and Technology”,“Water Science and Technology: Water Supply” and “Water Practice Technology” in October 2009. Prof. Wang takes charge of evaluating relevant papers and recommending excellent essays in the field of physical and chemical treatment of water. “Water Science and Technology” publishes papers covering all the scientific and technological researches on water pollution control and water quality management. This journal mainly includes five areas: 1. Sewage treatment, water quality characteristics and migration process of rainwater, civil water, industrial and municipal drainage; 2. hazardous waste and other sources of pollution and its control techniques; 3. Rivers, lakes, surface water and marine water pollution and the impact factors; 4. water reuse and water environment restoration; 5. water quality policies, strategies, control and management.

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