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RCEES-German Institutes Workshop Notice


1. Introduction of megaprojects about water pollution control and treatment in China and RCEES activities, by Prof. Min Yang from RCEES

2. Environmental Water Research at the TZW: an overview, by Dr. Andreas Tiehm from TZW Karlsruhe.

3. Presentation of IWW activities, by Dr. Axel Bergmann from IWW Mülheim

4. Root-Channel Technology and its Application to Treat Source Drinking Water with Micro-pollution. by Prof. Chengqing Yin

5. Assessment of chlorinated pollutants biodegradation by microcosm studies, PCR analysis, and isotopic fractionation, by Dr. Kathrin Schmidt from TZW Karlsruhe

6. Water Quality Transformation and Control in Drinking Water Distribution Systems, by Dr. Baoyou Shi


Time: 13:30-17:30  Sep26, 2012

Address: Room 508, Ecological Research Building


State Key Lab of Environmental Aquatic Chemistry,RCEES

September 25th,2012


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