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Min Yang,Professor

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Zhimin Qiang,Professor

Baoqing Shan,Professor

Huijuan Liu,Professor


The State Key Laboratory of Environmental Aquatic Chemistry (SKLEAC) was founded in 1989 by Professor Hongxiao Tang (Academician of Engineering). It is the largest and leading institution for scientific research and graduate education in the field of water science and technology in China, striding across fundamental research and engineering application with distinct multidisciplinary characteristics. Ever since its foundation, SKLEAC has made unremitting endeavors to create and perfect the disciplinary system of environmental aquatic chemistry. The entire laboratory now consists of 12 research groups and a technical supporting team. The research group forms the basic unit for scientific research and graduate education, and the technical supporting team provides all-wave services to faculties and graduate students in regards to laboratory daily management and instruments operation and maintenance.

Supported by the SKLEAC, several research platforms have been constructed which include the "North Research Center for Rural Wastewater Treatment Technology, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development", "Drinking Water Science and Engineering Center", “Zhongguancun Open Laboratory of Environmental Engineering and Materials" and “Water Analysis Laboratory” qualified by China Metrology Accreditation. These research platforms integrate all related research resources inside and outside the laboratory to solve major environmental problems, and play a vital role in promoting the applications of research findings.

Research Fields:

Environmental aquatic chemistry, centering on environmental science and engineering, represents an interdisciplinary research system which integrates geology, biology, ecology,  hydroinformatics, and etc. Catering to the national strategic demands for solving serious water pollution and drinking water quality problems as well as aiming at the global frontiers in water science and technology, SKLEAC commits to exploring the basic laws of water quality transformation in natural and engineered water systems, developing high technologies for water treatment, and continuously improving the "Environmental Aquatic Chemistry" disciplinary system. The long-term goal of SKLEAC is to develop into a world-class institution for innovative scientific research and senior professional education.

The major research scopes of SKLEAC include:

(1) water quality identification and assessment;

(2) water quality transformation in natural aquatic systems;

(3) water quality transformation in engineered systems;

(4) pollution control, remediation and management of water environment;

(5) water quality and public health.

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